America's Got Talent has crowned a new champion! On Wednesday night's live finale, The Mayyas were declared the winner of season 17, and were awarded with a $1 million prize and a headlining gig at AGT's Las Vegas show. 

We come from a country where, right now, surviving day today is crucial  for us," she said. "When you come from such a place like Lebanon, it's  going into its darkest time now. .

The runner-up was Kristy Sellers, who wowed time and time again with her  pole dancing routines, which incorporate acrobatics, immersive  animation, and technology. 

As for what she'd do with the million-dollar prize, Seller said, "I'd  actually really like to get a bus that you can live in and go on a trip  with the family. I thought that would be really cool." 

"That’s what I really want. The money is incredible, don’t get me  wrong, wouldn't mind it, but the reason I entered this competition was  for the Vegas act. It’s what you can’t win on any other talent show in  the world." 

Nadim Cherfan told ET's Denny Directo after their finale performance  Tuesday night. "We are proud of each other, so no matter what the  outcome is we are all winners. 

Cherfan noted that the ongoing struggles in her group's home country make the experience all the more meaningful. 

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